Sans Frontiers – Welcome to Virtual Reality!!

Look! Up on the screen! It’s a galaxy! A new reality sans physical frontiers…Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality!!

It seems like a Sci-fi movie straight out of Hollywood, but within the confines of homes, offices..big and small and the world in general, the winds of change are blowing that threaten to unleash a significant and powerful revolution. This revolution is regarded as the first step towards man’s mastery over machine intelligence. A revolution that is not only changing our ideas but also our relationships with each other.  It’s what we’ve commonly heard as ‘Virtual Reality’. In a series of posts on this topic, we will see how this new reality defies physical boundaries of space and time, shatters our image of a stereo-typical workplace, and lays out new rules for business, marketing and communication in general.

Often described as a computer based simulated environment wherein the user interacts with the use of character or avatars. Some posts describe this new reality as a portrayal of some of our most innate fantasies as essayed in the post ‘Second Life & Ur Alter Ego’ while the other posts are restricted to the changing dynamics of our work-worlds.

We see Virtual Reality in most companies and in practically every aspect of our lives. The Computer Gaming industry attributes its success to it, airline pilots use it in their simulation software, B-schools and Universities use it in their curriculum to teach business strategy and entrepreneurship to their students and Fortune 500 Companies like Dell use it as a part of their famed ‘Direct Marketing’ strategy.  As an HR professional in a Fortune 500 companies, we’ve used   Cisco’s Telepresence and WebEx tool for connecting with our people all over the world.

Admit it…we may not like to applaud its existence but we know there’s no hiding away from it.  VR everywhere!!


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