The ‘People’ problem in Talent Management


“The War for Talent never ended …it has just begun in ways we cannot imagine or comprehend.”

Increasingly, companies view the ability to manage talent effectively as a strategic priority. Yet my academic research leads me to conclude that senior executives  in most Fortune 500 Companies across the globe, largely blame themselves and their business line managers for failing to give this issue enough time and attention. I strongly believe that Talent Management is the key to weathering this raging storm of ‘Global Recession’. There is a need to transform this corporate rhetoric into an organizational reality where all executives need to rethink new innovative ways to attract, retain and motivate their people.

Having worked in the niche area of Talent Management and more specifically Talent Identification and Development, I find it a mockery of sorts when most Senior Managers quote their employees as their most important asset. Yet, my experiences with many of them state that most of them are bewildered with the challenges that this niche area confronts them with. Also the widespread belief that expensive efforts to address this key issue have failed largely compounds the frustrations of Senior Leaders. As a part of my project assignment for the Berkeley HR systems and technology course, I decided to delve deep into this widely spoken corporate rhetoric by leveraging the power of Technology. While I begin my quest to explore the 5 best in breed talent management tools available to large companies today, I also would draw on my Talent Management and HR experience where ever necessary.

As they say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so lets begin our journey. If there are any Talent managers or technological wizards who would like to share their experiences…….I’d love to hear from u.


One Response to “The ‘People’ problem in Talent Management”

  1. dieselbird Says:

    “I find it a mockery of sorts when most Senior Managers quote their employees as their most important asset”.

    Great line. I totally agree with you. Managers need to have better care in choosing them and grooming them.

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