Hail Technology !!!

Imagine a world in which no microwaves, Twitter, Facebook, Gadgets and GPSs existed…Seems like a nightmare or a complete hullucination !!! Well, have we ever stopped and wondered how technology is a part of every second of our daily lives.

Many of us wake up, wander into the kitchen and zap our breakfast in a microwave , ignoring yesterday’s techno-dinosaurs like the gas stove, oven, or even the toaster. Then we relax while sipping coffee that was brewed ahead of time and collect check our iphone or laptop to help us get through the day. As we head off to work in our cars, we might are glued onto the instructions given by out GPS and use our cell phones for every concievable  can ever imagine. And that’s just our morning! It’s a rapidly changing dynamic world, where technologyl leads us in perhaps the most facinating and thilling ways you can ever imagine. Well, this blog is a tribute to technology and how it has transformed our everyday life – both professional and personal.

Finally its not the Sillicon Valley czars who are tracking the happenings in the Technology space…its the world at large that is watching and waiting what’s the future of technology and therefore the future of their work.


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